Fire Control Panel, of 2 areas

fully certified

optional termination module

Until 32 devices zone

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Product Description

Fire Control Panel, of 2 areas; fully certified; optional module with extinction approval EN12094-1; Until 32 devices can be connected to each zone; Gas zone compatible with 4-20mA gas detectors; An alarm output for each input zone; Reconhecimento manual botoneira; detectors signaling missing; 2 alarm outputs 24V, supervised and silenceable for activation of sirens; Programmable open collector output; dry contact alarm relay for activating auxiliary devices; Mode day / night; Alarm Verification Time, restoration and programmable reset; Programmable via PC or keyboard; the log 50 events viewable via PC; Alarm memory / activated fault until the next reset; Command to silence sirens; Keyboard commands require key or PIN; repeater available.

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